About Us

Vape-8 the one-stop shop for high quality eLiquids, form to create a healthier alternative to smoking. As with most vapers our journey started with cheap starter kits and low quality ejuices, we soon realised we weren’t reaching the full potential of the vaping experience. This quickly lead us to upgrading the hardware but more importantly searching for gourmet flavours with premium quality.

After trying a wide variety of e-liquids and flavours we found ourselves coming back to the same brands time and time again. We soon realised that the premium ejuices justified their slightly higher prices, as they were not only more diverse in flavour but exceled in quality.

We thought rather then let other people go through the same struggle to find the best e liquids, wasting time and money on poor quality products that they wouldn’t enjoy, we would share our knowledge and experience and provide our customers with an outlet containing an ever-growing selection of the highest rated e-liquids on the market.